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Wartner is a wart removal system that "freezes" warts using a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane. This is a milder version of liquid nitrogen, which doctors use to freeze off warts and other skin abnormalities, including skin tags. Other brands or generic versions may be available. Because Wartner is intended for wart removal, it may not work for removing skin tags or have adverse effects; see a doctor immediately if you experience any discomfort or skin abnormalities when using this product.

Prepare the foam applicator and applicator holder as indicated on the product instructions.

Cover the skin surrounding your skin tag with bandages or cloth, if possible. This will help prevent the chemicals from touching healthy skin.

Press the applicator lightly onto the skin tag for 20 seconds or less. Do not let the applicator touch other parts of your skin.

Discard applicator after use. If desired, cover the affected area with a bandage as it heals.

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