Wart Remover Work on Skin Tags

Dr Oz answered all of our questions about skin tags. Why do you get skin tags? Where do you get skin tags? How big can they get? And are there any skin tag home remedies to get rid of them yourself?

What Are Skin Tags?

Doctor Oz said that skin tags are basically a pouch of skin Dr Oz Skin Tag Remedies with collagen and blood vessels inside of the, which is why they do not just fall off. Skin tags usually aren’t too big, but Dr Oz showed an example of how big they can get and it was about the size of a large marble. Dr Oz said that if your skin tags change in color, rapidly grow or bleed, you should go see a dermatologist because skin tags can become cancer.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Dr Oz said that obesity, pregnancy and Diabetes all can cause skin tags. People most commonly get skin tags on their eye lids, neck area, chest (beneath the breasts), arm pits and groin area. All of these areas have friction, and it is when your skin rubs that you tend to form skin tags.

Skin Tag Remedy: Dental Floss

Dr Oz used a balloon to demonstrate the technique for using dental floss to remove skin tags at home. You tie the dental floss around the base of the skin tag, and in a few days it will shrink and you can basically “pop it.” I would be too scared to try this at home personally, but also, who really wants to walk around with dental floss tied to their skin tag for a few days? I’d be interested to know if this works though, so if you try it, please report back with your results! And as always, you should consult with your doctor before trying anything health related.

Skin Tag Home Remedy: Liquid Wart Remover

Dr Oz’s second skin tag home remedy is to use liquid wart remover on the skin tags. Make sure to apply the wart remover just to the skin tag, and not to the surrounding skin.

Of course, there is also the option to go to your dermatologist’s office and to have a doctor remove your skin tags. Dr. Doris Day showed Dr Oz how she burns off skin tags. The patient just feels a little sting and the area may turn red, but the skin tag goes away over a couple of days. You can do over 50 skin tags in a day. Bigger or less flat skin tags need to be removed with special scissors and cut at the base. Dr Oz also popped up a message on the screen that said you should see an eye specialist if you have skin tags on your eyelids.

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