Does Freeze away wart Remover hurt


    How does Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away - Wart Remover work ?
    Hi , I have a really big wart on my right index finger's knuckle & it's been bothering me for awhile . I want to get something to remove it & was planning on getting the Freeze Away stuff . I was wondering if it actually worked & what happens when you use it . I would really appreciate if someone could give me a step by step of what occurs when you use it . Also , does it hurt when you use it ?? Thanks so much !!!!!!!!

    Well it's like a bottle of clear white out with a q-tip to apply on the wart. You dip the q-tip thing into the liquid and then press it on your wart. It does sting, but the effects are almost immediate. The wart then vanishes completely a few days after

    If I use the freeze away wart remover will it hurt?
    I think i have a wart im not for sure, if i use the freeze away product will it hurt and what will happen if i use it and its not a wart? will it be harmful?

    i freezed of a mole and it went away.
    so i don't think it is harmfull.
    it hurt me while i was freezing off
    so if it's not a wart it shouldn't be harmful.

    how long does it take to remover a plantar wart from your foot?
    I have 4 warts on the soles of my feet, each a plantar. I used Dr. Scholls Freeze Away, and on each one, i put it on for 20 sec. How long will it take for them to die? and would would be the symptoms of them dying?

    and what happens if my skin doesn't turn white or lose sensation?

    Unfortunately, freezing tools work just about everywhere ... except soles of the feet (plantar warts) I remove warts by a simple operation quite often. The local anesthetic will hurt quite a bit. There will usually be a fair bit of blood. I would use potassium hydroxide to ablate the wart and cauterize the wound. There would then be no need to stitch and very little post op pain, no scar and no crutches. You can read a little about this on my site then go to info sheets, plantar warts. It doesn't fail. See a local pod. Try to avoid cutting removal as it will leave a scar that will become corny in later life.

    will this kill the nerve for an infected tooth?
    i have a broken tooth with an exposed nerve that is getting infected and it really really hurts. someone at school told me that if u use that dr. scholles freeze away wart remover (its kinda like liquid nitrogin) directley on the nerve it will kill it and u will be pain free afterwords, just wondering if this is a good solution?

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