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Most skin tabs or skin tags are small, look strange and usually do not hurt. Because of their small size and painlessness, many people think they can remove their own skin tags at home. This can be a dangerous assumption, especially if the skin tags occur on the genitals or eyelids. Do-it-yourself skin tag removal remidies, such as cutting the tag off with scissors, opens the body to infections and causes unnecessary pain.

Removing a skin tag may also be unnecessary. They are not contagious and are not symptoms of a contagious disease. Some skin tags will fall off by themselves. They may turn dark blue, purple or black and drop off after three to eleven days. These color-changing skin tags are also painless. If they do suddenly become painful, they should be checked by a doctor or dermatologist.

Types of Skin Tag Removal

There are several in-office procedures doctors and dermatologists do to remove skin tags from patients. Just what method is used depends on where the skin tag is located and the overall health of the individual patient. The three main types of in-office skin tag removal procedures include freezing, burning and surgical removal.

Freezing is done by spraying liquid nitrogen on the tag. This freezes the skin and effectively kills it. The tag may then be surgically removed with sterile surgical equipment or allowed to fall off on its own. Freezing may not be an option for skin tags on the genitals or near the eyes.

Burning is done with an electric medical cauterizer. Usually a local anesthesia is given unless there are many skin tags to be removed or the tag is exceptionally large and then the patient may need to go under general anesthetic. The skin tags darken and fall off soon after being burned.

Surgical removal can be done in office or in the hospital, depending on where the skin tags are. This is often the only option for genital tags since freezing or burning may damage healthy skin around the tag.

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