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Q. My child has a wart on her finger. Should I have it removed, or is it safe just to leave it?

A. Many kids get warts at some time in their lives, often on their hands or feet. They're caused by a virus, seldom itch or are bothersome, and generally go away on their own -- though usually not for a year or two.

But if the wart's unsightly or causes discomfort, or if it's on an area that interferes with such activities as throwing a ball or holding a pencil, it's time to get it removed.

A simple home treatment: duct tape. Apply a piece just big enough to cover the wart and leave it on for five to seven days. Then soak the area and peel off the tape. Next, with an emery board, gently remove the wart's dead skin (the white, pliable skin at its top). Now reapply a new piece of tape for another week. Repeat as needed -- it might take four to six weeks for the wart to disappear completely. (If the tape comes off too soon, just put a new piece on.)

If this doesn't work, try an over-the-counter wart-removal product. These contain salicylic acid as a paste, liquid, or patch. Follow directions -- they're fine for kids ages 2 and up. Since they can irritate normal skin, apply to the wart only. You may need to use these products for two or three months to prevent recurrence.

You can also have your doctor freeze the wart off with liquid nitrogen -- a treatment called cryotherapy. Using a cotton swab, the doctor applies this for 10 to 15 seconds. That stuns the wart, so it stops growing; a few days later, it becomes a blister, and then dries up and falls off. The treatment is painful -- ask your pediatrician about using a numbing cream beforehand, which will help somewhat. And it may take a few treatments -- typically administered in one- to three-week intervals -- before the wart disappears entirely.

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I have a wart on my face and am CONSIDERING

Using one of the over the counter, freeze off, things to get it off. I can't go see a doc as I don't have insurance. I'm concerned b/c all the wart removers say "not for use on the face" but can I really not use it on my face? Has anyone ever tried this successfully? It's just a little wart but it's all I can look at when I look in the mirror and I want it gone

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Don't mess around with warts

If you have insurance, see a dermatologist. if the wart is somewhere other than on the face or another "tender" area, they will probably use a nitrogen sprayer to freeze a pinpoint area in the center of the wart. over the next couple weeks it will die away and leave no trace.
if the wart is somewhere on the face they use an electric needle to do the same thing. either way it generally takes one treatment, plus a follow-up to make sure its gone to get rid of a wart.
those over-the-counter chemical wart removers are nasty, and usually not so effective. the dermatologist that i was treated by explained to me that the wart is twice as deep under the skin as it is wide on the surface

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