Wart Removal Using Duct Tape

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Direction regarding use

In order for duct tape to work in the treatment of warts, it must be used as directed. The duct tape should be cut approximately 1/4 inch in size larger than the actual wart(s). If the duct tape covers too much normal, healthy skin tissues, skin irritation will develop. The duct tape should be left in place for cycles lasting six days. After six days, the duct tape should be removed, the wart soaked, then gently debrided with a thick emery board or pumice stone and left uncovered overnight. A new piece of duct tape should be reapplied the next morning.

Important information regarding duct tape

  • The process outlined above should be continued until the wart resolves or for a maximum of two months.
  • If the duct tape comes off before it is due to be removed, apply a new piece of duct tape.
  • The emery board or pumice stone used for debriding the wart should be cleaned with a bleach type solution after each use.
  • A one month follow-up appointment with a health care provider is recommended for patients using duct tape.

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