Painless Wart Removal for Kids

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Warts are small raised growth, usually non-cancerous. They are painless though some warts can be painful. They grow in clusters or singly.Warts can appear anywhere, with no symptoms. Before treating a wart - even at home, it would be best to consult a doctor to confirm that the growth is a wart.

Picking a wart is not a done thing as they are extremely fast spreading and become difficult to control. Duct tape is said to be a really good option you need to wrap the wart with duct tape so that supply of oxygen is cut off and the wart turns black and falls off in 2 weeks or so.

Garlic has strong anti-viral properties. Peel a pod of garlic and slice it rub directly on the wart. Tape the wart with band-aid. Repeat before bedtime. Normally the wart will fall off with the root after 8 10 days.

Tea tree oil is a good remedy. Soak a ball of cotton wool in the oil and apply on the wart. Do this 3 4 times a day and keep it covered with a band-aid after application.

The inside of a banana can be rubbed on a wart 2 times a day, this will dry the wart which will fall off.

The milky juice of a Dandelion flower stem is good for removing warts by applying 2-3 times a day.

Aloe Vera gel applied on warts help them in dropping off.

Grate a floret of raw cauliflower and extract juice. Apply this on the wart and keep it covered with a bandage plaster. Repeat 2 -3 times for 2 weeks.

Juice of raw onion can make a wart drop off after 2 3 weeks. The juice needs to be applied directly on the wart, wait for it to dry and cover with a medical tape. Repeat twice a day.

As warts are very contagious, take special care to wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap, when you touch or treat a wart.

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Know of a natural mole/wart remedy?

I've been searching the web for herbal remedies for mole/wart removal. It seems the choices in Western medicine are 1) surgery 2) Fast-Freeze or 3)LASER. Trying to avoid these...
A few alternative sites claim success with products containing extracts from sanguinaria canadensis (blood root) as well as a variety of other plant species that contain natural alkaloids. Seems they work by slowly burning the skin, which creates a superficial wound, which then is acted upon by the immune system. Healing occurs as normal with any such wound.
Anyone have info or experience with su

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Part2 : Warts

Fig (Ficus carica). Figs contain a proteolytic enzyme known as ficin. In many cultures, people use several fig species for wart treatment. Using the white milk that oozes from the fruit and twigs, they claim, helps remove corns and warts. (This practice follows the lead of King Solomon, who used fig juice on his boils.) If you'd like to give this ancient treatment a try, I suggest applying the milk once a day for five to seven days.
Milkweed (Asclepias, various species). Many people in many places recommend using the milky white fluid that oozes from milkweed to treat warts. I suggest massaging a little of the fresh fluid into a wart several times a day

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