Will Warts Remover remove Skin tags

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Skin tags are a problem for many people. They are caused by skin that is rubbed or irritated by friction. For men, are you embarrassed to take your shirt off in public? Ladies, do you have these unsightly little pests getting caught in your jewelry? Perhaps they are around the line where your bra cuts and rubs into your skin. However you get them they are pesky, unsightly, and sometimes painful when they are rubbed or touched. Here are four different methods to rid yourself of these ugly skin tags that you can use at home. 1) Skin Tags can be removed by cutting off the blood supply at the base of the skin tag. Chances are that it is in a hard to reach spot. For this treatment, you will need someone to help you. Take a piece of dental floss or strong sewing thread. The idea is to surround the base of the skin tag with the dental floss or thread. You make a loop with the thread and tie it snug with a knot. The blood supply to the skin tag will be cut off. After a day or two, the skin tag will drop off.

2) Another method to try to rid yourself of skin tags entails using vitamin E from a capsule. Apply the vitamin E oil to the skin tag and the surrounding skin. Then cover the skin tag with a cloth type band aid strip. The vitamin E is good for your skin. The Band-Aid will kill off the blood supply to the skin tag, and it will fall off in a day or two. Reapply more vitamin E oil, and another small Band-Aid the next day. This should take care of the pesky skin tag, and the surrounding skin. Just pierce the vitamin E capsule with a knife point or needle. Be careful not to stick your self.

3) Take a piece of common gray household duct tape and apply it to the skin tag. Keep it on all day, and when it loosens up check to see if the skin tag has fallen off. Try it again the next few days, if you don't get quick results.

4) Skin tags can also be removed by using Compound W. This is a mild acid used for wart removal. Apply the solution to the skin tag and cover it with a Band-Aid. Reapply more the next day with another band aid if necessary.

Try these home remedies to remove these problem skin tags. You shouldn't have to go and pay a dermatologist to remove them. They freeze them in the office, but you pay for that. Cutting off the blood supply should work to remove these skin tags at home. Why spend your hard-earned money when there are low cost treatments that you can do yourself at home?

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Hydrogen Peroxide Is Another Effective

Douse a common wart with hydrogen peroxide (3.5% grade) every day and allow it to dry. The solution will kill the virus so the growth will vanish.
Garlic is known for its antifungal and antibiotic properties. When crushed, garlic yields allicin, a powerful antibiotic and anti-fungal compound (phytoncide).
Tea tree oil is a fabulous natural remedy for many skin problems including acne, scabies, skin tags and dandruff. It does have a strong odor. Put a few drops of it on a compress and you tape it on the warts at bed time, then you leave it taped on until the morning

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