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    As we grow older,skin tags can tend to form along the neckline,under the arms,beneath the breasts,on and above the eyelids and even in the genital area – vaginal skin tags,anal skin tags and groin skin tags are all common occurrences. People use many different treatment types including natural healing oils and the option to freeze skin tags when dealing with this condition.Growing skin tags can be a real annoyance and are those small fleshy-colored growths that protrude from the skin. Some skin tags may have a stalk or peduncle making them hang from,or stick up off,the skin. If they get twisted or caught on clothing or rubbed hard,they can cause pain and redness. In addition they can be shaved accidentally. The good part is that they can also be removed quite easily,naturally using formulated essential oils.

    Skin tags develop in both men and women but they tend to be more numerous in obese persons and in those with type 2 diabetes mellitus. We dislike having these skin tags because they affect our appearance and make us self-conscious. Skin tags can be unsightly. When they appear in the genital area they make us embarrassed in front of our sexual partners and may even cause concern to our sexual partners who may feel such skin tags may be as a result of a sexually transmitted disease,which they are not.

    Skin Tag Removal Options

    For all of these reasons,many people decide to treat skin tags and one of the methods used is to freeze skin tags.

    Cryotherapy (freezing skin tags) is carried out by a dermatologist or your medical practitioner in their rooms or clinic.

    This method for a quick and relatively painless treatment for small skin tags is to dip a hemostat (which is a nontoothed pair of forceps) or a needle holder into liquid nitrogen for 15 seconds.The instrument is then used to gently grasp the stalk of each skin tag for about 10 seconds. Care must be taken not to touch the surrounding skin as damage could then be done. The frozen tips of the instrument can treat up to about 10 skin tags after being dipped in the liquid nitrogen. If there are multiple skin tags to be removed,a second instrument can be freezing in the liquid nitrogen,while the first is being used,to save time.

    This method of freezing skin tags causes a mild stinging sensation and multiple skin tags can be treated by this technique. No dressings need to be applied after the procedure and the frozen skin tag should be shed in approximately 7 to 10 days. This technique is especially useful for those small tags that hang on the eyelids and when the medical practitioner is treating your eyelids,you are able to lie down as there is no fear of any dripping of the liquid on other areas.

    Your medical practitioner will decide in consultation with you beforehand whether or not it is necessary for you to have local anesthesia for this procedure.

    Home Freezing Skin Tags

    There are many over the counter products available which can be used to freeze both warts and skin tags if you wish to try and do the removal of your skin tags at home. Currently,salicylic acid is the main ingredient used in the skin tag home removal products. Each product has its own method of application but would obviously come with full instructions.

    2013-05-13 21:01:30 by grkow

    Skin tag cure for dogs: salicylic acid?

    A pea size skin tag disappeared on the chest (breastbone area) of our 9 year old yorkie after a few months.....as did a larger subcutaneous bump nearby.
    Recently spotted a bleeding tag on her neck, so she must have scratched or it was irritated curing brushing - before it was discovered. Vet was not concerned when examining it.
    Anyway, some articles have suggested Vitamin E or Castor Oil. I was thinking about the same treatment I used for a face wart with good results - 2% salicylic acid from Walmart. It dried up the mole in a week with daily applications. ANY THOUGHTS?
    "There are a couple of natural remedies to use at home for wart relief in your dog

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