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Plantar means having to do with the sole of your foot. Plantar warts are warts that form on the bottom of your feet. Here is an easy non-toxic method to rid you of these painful warts.

You will need: Duct tape, Scissors, Latex gloves are preferable, New disposable single blade razor

1: Wash and dry your feet thoroughly

2: Carefully shave the wart down flat, avoiding non-infected tissue. This step should not hurt or draw blood.

3: Cut a small piece of duct tape to the size of the wart. Apply it directly to the wart. Avoid covering a large amount of uninfected tissue. An 1/8th inch past the wart should suffice.

4: Leave the duct tape on for ten days. If the tape comes off within the 10 day period, replace it.

5: On day 10, remove the tape. Wart will appear whitish. Soak your foot in warm water while scrubbing the wart with a pumice rock to remove the dead skin.

6: If the wart is not completely gone at this juncture, repeat steps 1-5 again until wart has been removed.

Tip: Warts are contagious, so it's a good idea to keep your feet covered in public showers, or schools of dance or wherever a large number of people go barefoot.

This method works best if you address the problem while the wart is still small.

Warning: This home remedy is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Highly resistant or deep rooted warts should be looked at by your doctor.

Dermatology: Plantar Warts (Skin Diseases)
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Duct tape gone wrong

Sure, Duct Tape Can do EVERYTHING, But Can it Remove Plantar Warts?
I've never tried. And seeing as I've had no experience with it, I can't recommend (or not recommend) it, but here are some links to folks that have had experience with the removal of plantar warts with duct tape.
* Dr. J writes about a decisive turn in his three-war war against plantar warts
Not that Dr. J ... a different Dr. J. I have no clue if the Nets and 76ers star ever had plantar warts, but I hope he never did, since he seems like a pretty cool guy ...

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Duct tape

There have been studies that have found that applying common duct tape to warts is as effective at removal as freezing them off. I have not seen any studies related to plantar warts, but I would think the results would be similar. It is a process that is painless, cheap and non-toxic. Cut the duct tape to the size of the wart and place it on the skin. Then put a corn pad that is shaped like an "O" over top of it to take the pressure off the area. In about a week take off the duct tape and soak the foot for about 20 minutes. The soaking will soften the area and the wart tissue will soak up the water and make it a very visible white color

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