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  • How do you remove a wart? The Skinny on Wart RemovalWikiAnswers contributors share their tips:Put duct tape on and leave for 3

  • How to remove warts?

    There are many ways to remove warts. However for some wonderfully strange reason, it is the cheapest

  • How do you remove my wart?

    go to a dermatologist. They will either burn it off with liquid nitrogen, or put this stuff called b

  • How do you remove wart remover from clothes?

    The easiest way to remove wart remover from clothes is to place the clothes that have wart remover o

  • How do you remove wart remover from a carpet?

    so basically i use vanish oxegen(however you spell it) on my carpet. its in a pink tub so keep your

  • Could ice remove warts?

    No... however, liquid nitrogen can be used by your doctor to freeze them off. Ice works too slowly;

  • 2003-02-10 11:23:38 by Deb_ISIS

    Anal Warts - Why remove?

    Dear Unsure Warts,
    You have a very good point there about the removal of warts, because if they are warts and you do remove them, the virus is still in your body.
    The main reason for removal of the warts is the spread of the virus to other sex partners. If they are not bothering you and you're willing to have protected anal sex (if you're a bottom) with your partner(s), they you really can wait this one out. There have not been any proven long-term effects of having genital warts for men.
    For more information on removal, if you so choose, go to:

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