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Naturasil for Skin Tags

Not long ago I was shopping for some cold medication and I decided to buy an herbal-based product instead of the standard over the counter stuff. Sometimes, naturally based products just work better in my opinion.

I’m guessing you feel the same way, which is why you’re interested in Naturasil for Skin Tags.

I first came across the Naturasil (formerly known as Dermisil) product line in 2010 when I was looking for a natural wart remover.

Several things about the company impressed me, including the fact that their company website linked to medical studies that proved the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.

So here’s what you need to know about the Naturasil skin tag removal product…

How It Removes Skin Tags

Naturasil for Skin Tags is a topical removal product made from 100% pure plant extracts. When applied directly to your skin, the extracts should cause your tags to dry out and flake off

The application process is very simple. You start by washing and drying your skin with warm water and soap. Next, you apply the liquid remover to the tag with a piece of cotton.

That’s it!

From there, you’re instructed to repeat these steps at least three times per day until your skin tag is gone.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

According to the company’s website, Naturasil removes skin tags in about three to six weeks when applied as directed.

Naturasil also offers an immune booster supplement, which they say speeds up the removal process if used in tandem with the liquid remover.

Will It Work On All Skin Tags?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, the product is effective at removing all types of skin tags, tubercles and cutaneous papilloma.

However, the product should not be used on skin tags located near the eyes.

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the main benefits of using natural products is their low risk of side effects. The same appears to true about Naturasil, as there’s no indication of any serious side effects associated with its use.

However, the company does state that the liquid remover can cause a mild burning sensation when first applied. It can also dry out the surrounding skin, but both effects should be temporary.

The company also states that any visible traces of the tag will fade over time.

As with any other skin care product, it’s a good idea to patch test an area of your skin before using it repeatedly.

You should also know that some Naturasil products, including the skin tag remover, aren’t recommended for children under the age of five or for women who are pregnant or nursing.

What Naturasil Customers Are Saying

Nowadays, it’s easy to find out what real people like you and me have to say about a particular product. I’ve never used Naturasil personally, so I found the following reviews online from actual customers who’ve bought the product:

I bought this not really expecting it to do much. It did work for me though. When I applied it, I scratched it into the skin tag a little, which made it sting just a bit. It took about a week on both tags.Lisa G.

This is a good product and it does work. I am pleased with the results, thus far.
- Barbara C.

Product removed my skin tags within 2 1/2 days. I scratched it in to assist with the drying process. When a scab appeared, I gave it a little tug and it snapped off without bleeding or pain. I am very satisfied.
- Judith B.

2013-05-13 21:01:30 by grkow

Skin tag cure for dogs: salicylic acid?

A pea size skin tag disappeared on the chest (breastbone area) of our 9 year old yorkie after a few did a larger subcutaneous bump nearby.
Recently spotted a bleeding tag on her neck, so she must have scratched or it was irritated curing brushing - before it was discovered. Vet was not concerned when examining it.
Anyway, some articles have suggested Vitamin E or Castor Oil. I was thinking about the same treatment I used for a face wart with good results - 2% salicylic acid from Walmart. It dried up the mole in a week with daily applications. ANY THOUGHTS?
"There are a couple of natural remedies to use at home for wart relief in your dog

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