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There are several HPV wart treatment methods available.

Each of these methods fit in one of two categories. They’re either something you do at home yourself or they’re something your doctor does for you.

Let’s begin with…

Seeing Your Doctor for HPV Warts Treatment

More often than not, basic wart remover products and other home remedies work just fine. However, you may decide to see your doctor either because you’re having difficulty using one or more of these methods, or because you’d like to get rid of your warts more quickly.

Surgery and other invasive procedures are used to remove warts, but are often a last resort. Prescription medications and other topical treatments are more likely to be your doctor’s first choice.

In particular, he or she may start with a prescription-based form salicylic acid, which is one of the most widely used agents for treating warts.

In fact, studies have shown that salicylic is as effective as any other treatment method. Moreover, there are very few side effects associated with its use.

Upon receiving your prescription, you’ll apply the medication directly to the wart for as long as it takes to dissolve the growth.

Again, salicylic acid is probably the most common treatment for warts, but there are a few other lesser-known medications, including Cantharidin.

Unlike other wart medications, Cantharidin isn’t something that you take home and apply yourself. Rather, a doctor applies the medication and then you return to their office to have the wart tissue removed once the area has blistered and dried.

Neither the medication, nor its application causes any significant pain, but many patients have reported that the subsequent blistering effect can be somewhat painful.

Next, there’s wart immunotherapy. This is probably the least commonly used medication for warts, i.e. it’s typically reserved for the most extreme cases, in part due to its high cost.

The point of this therapy is to help the body’s immune system fight the virus that’s causing the warts in the first place. This is accomplished by injecting Candida antigens directly into the wart tissue.

Once the antigens are introduced into the blood stream, the body responds by producing antibodies, which target and destroy the human papillomavirus.

It’s worth mentioning that immunotherapy has proven to be effective at treating both injected and non-injected warts and the side effects are said to be very mild.

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2012-10-04 10:59:50 by cdcBuff

Are you asking about transmission of the

Virus or about instigators for abnormal cell growth to occur for one with the virus?
There is no known cure for HPV infection. Some types seem to have an effective prophylaxis(vaccine). There are a variety of treatments for growth removal and vary depending on location of skin area affected. Many, many, many people may never have any visible symptoms. It is unknown that which may catalyze cell growth. Some conditions are associated with HPV being a co-factor, though HPV alone is not an absolute indicator.
It is the most likely and common reason any Human has a "wart" anywhere on the body

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