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FAQs about Genital Warts


Dr Chan Yuin Chew, Registrar, National Skin Centre


Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The natural history and transmission of HPV are incompletely understood and to date, there are no good prospective studies with long term follow up of patients treated for genital HPV
infection. An audit report published in April 1998 showed a wide variation in advice given to patients in a large genitourinary
medicine clinic in London.(1) The aim of this article is to provide, as far as possible, evidence-based answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) by patients with genital warts.

1. How long will it take to clear the genital warts?

With consistent treatment, most people will clear their genital warts within 3 months (92% and 82%, for men and
women respectively).

2. How long do I need to use condoms for after my genital warts have cleared clinically?

The use of condoms should be advised until all the genital warts have cleared clinically as visible warts are thought to be more easily transmitted than subclinical infection. Once the genital warts have been cleared clinically, the majority of work, including a prospective follow-up study, showed no benefit in the use of condoms to prevent HPV transmission.(2-5) However, it would be prudent to advise condom use for at least 6 months following clinical resolution as the majority of recurrences
occur within this period.

Couples in long-term regular relationships may choose not to use condoms once the genital warts have cleared clinically as it is highly likely that the regular partner of someone with genital warts would also have been infected with the HPV.

Although the use of condoms to prevent transmission of subclinical HPV infection is not established, patients who engage in high-risk sexual behaviour should be advised to use condoms to prevent transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases.

3. What is the recurrence rate following successful treatment of genital warts?

Overall, 30-60% of genital warts will recur within 3 months regardless of treatment used.(6) Treatment may remove the wart, but it will not remove virus present in surrounding skin. Recurrences are more likely in immunocompromised patients. The longer one remains free of the genital warts, the less likely they will recur.

4. What are the risks of transmission to a new sexual partner?

In people with visible genital warts, two thirds of their sex partners will develop warts within 8 months. Warts are most infectious shortly after eruption. There is little data on the infectivity of subclinical HPV infection. It is assumed to be lower than that of overt clinical infection. However the high prevalence of HPV infection in young sexually active adults without clinically apparent warts would suggest that transmission does commonly occur from subclinical infection.7, 8

2004-06-29 12:53:29 by urghhh

What's the best treatment for hpv?

I think i have it. ended up going to planned parenthood recently because i had vaginal itching. few years ago, i had an abnormal pap smear, had a colposcopy, biopsy and cyrosurgery to remove high risk precancerious cells. i asked the two doctors (two different ones) back then if i had hpv and they both said no. so i thought it was just a freak abnormal pap. but the more i read about hpv and cervical cancer, it says something like 98% of cervical cancer is caused by hpv. my last two pap smears were normal, thank goodness, but now, i think i have genital warts. they gave me some really expensive cream to get rid of it but i'm wondering if i should get it frozen off instead

2006-03-29 11:45:32 by thistalksaboutitfor

Nope here

You. (Basically if he had anything it would show the microscopic warts and abnormal cells on his dick. Men get penile cancer, you know. Also, it would help to research all the types of HPV there are. You'd be surprised.)
There's a lot of information on the Web (and ask many doctors) about men and HPV. I culled this, below from a site for you:
At least 50 percent of men that is currently infected with HPV had been tested. Therefore the number can grow assuming that all men are tested. As compared to HSV that is common in women, HPV is more common in men. Despite of its prevalence HPV related case sin men are rarely causing serious healthy problems

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